Thursday, February 27, 2014

Winnie the Pooh and the Vocal Switcheroo

Okay, so I was doing some usual video surfing on YouTube, see? I stumbled across a collection of old commercials from WFHL, a Springfield, Illinois independent that would later evolve into WBUI, the area's CW affiliate. These aired during The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (which I honestly didn't know even got into syndication; I always thought it was exclusive to ABC and Disney's cable networks). The video left in the show's catchy as hell opening, but it was a little different...
*NOTE: The theme comes on at 7:27. It's cut off a bit, though; it starts at the lyrics, "Looking for fun, chasing some honeybees"*

...wait a minute, what's with those vocals? It sounds like it was sung by an R&B singer. For comparison, here's the opening as shown on Disney's cable networks.
Yeah, it's a pretty obvious difference. I was already aware of how certain Disney cartoons of the era (the video came from 1994) would have different intros depending on the network (Darkwing Duck and Goof Troop being two notable examples for me), but this caught me off guard. Just goes to show that even with cartoons (Disney in particular is notorious for shafting all its older material, not just its cartoons, not even allowing most of them to get legal streaming) no matter what out there is given up on as gone from the fabric of time, there's always some guy with a VHS recorder who'll open up that can of worms.

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